Vintage Electro Harmonix Doctor Q Auto Wah/ Enveloper Follower


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Second Hand gear is often subject to some wear depending on age and how well it was looked after. Any significant cosmetic damage is shown in the photos so please take the time to look through and make sure you are happy with the condition before buying. Please see below for a description of the condition of this item.


Pedal is in excellent condition for its age. There is some rust underneath the box art near the LED. The original packaging is missing.

Please note this pedal doesn’t use the standard boss style power connector and will require an adaptor in order to use it with most 9v power supplies.


If you want classic funk sounds, the vintage Electro-Harmonix Doctor Q envelope filter is the pedal for you. First manufactured in 1976, the Doctor Q is perfect for both bass and guitar, even giving you a switch to swap out guitar voicing for bass. And with one control for sweep range, it’s incredibly simple to get the retro funk sounds you crave.

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