Why should you buy second hand?

Sell or part exchange your old gear!

Firstly we assess the value of your gear.
We’ll then make you an offer for your item/s.
This can then be used as a part exchange towards a new purchase
or you can sell the item/s to us.

You can email us details of the item/s in question but please be aware we cannot give a completely accurate valuation this way. We also cannot give a firm affirmation we will buy or accept your item for trade in without seeing the item/s person.

We operate an honest and open approach when valuing your gear. The following is a rough guide to the kind of offer you can expect to receive.

Under £300 – 1/2 of the valuation
£300 – £1500 – 2/3 of the valuation
£1500 or more – 3/4 of the valuation

Multiple items are valued independently rather than as a lot.
E.g. if you were to bring 2 guitars in valued at £400 and £150 we would offer £265 & £75 respectively

We use a combination of valuation sites and previous sales statistics to assess the value and sale-ability of an item. Any missing accessories or damage will be reflected in the price offered and in some circumstances we may not accept the item/s depending on the condition.

You need to of course bring the item/s you wish to sell or part exchange plus any associated parts or accessories. We also require that you bring some form of photo identification and proof of address. If selling your gear a valid UK bank account is required in order for us to transfer the payment to you. We do not pay cash!
You must be aged 18 or over!

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