Jim Dunlop 44P.88 Players Pack Nylon Standard .88mm (Pack Of 12)


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The humble plectrum is more commonly known as a pick. Jim Dunlop Nylon Picks are available in a wide variety of gauges to suit the differing styles of guitar playing. Players normally try using different types of plectra in order to find one that suits their own playing style best.

Of all the picks on the market, nylon is the most popular, with a smooth and slick surface. Nylon is a flexible material and can be produced in very thin sheets. Most thin and extra-thin picks are made of nylon. However, this material does loses its flexibility after 1-2 months of extensive use. Nylon becomes fragile and breaks which is why guitarists that use thin nylon picks should have several spare plectrums just in case.

Guitar picks vary in thicknesses to accommodate the wide range of playing styles and different kinds of strings. Thinner plectra are more flexible and tend to offer a wider range of sounds from soft to loud. They produce a “click” that emphasises the attack of the picking, however, some argue that heavier picks produce a brighter tone.

Nylon picks are available in the following gauges (millimetres): 0.38, 0.46, 0.60, 0.73, 0.88 and 1.00.

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